Customized Investment Management

There is no investment portfolio that is perfect for everyone, but there is an investment portfolio that is very nearly perfect for each individual client.  As our clients’ lives unfold and as their goals and priorities evolve, we strive to the find that perfect portfolio for each client.

We offer clients truly customized investment management portfolios; not one-size-fits all solutions.

Investing Focused on You

Investments Customized to Your Goals

Portfolio management has been greatly homogenized and watered down in recent years across the financial services industry. Too many clients get cookie-cutter portfolios and little to no personalized advice. Not so at Orion, where we pride ourselves on delivering you innovative, low cost, highly tax-efficient portfolios that are customized to suit your needs and help you reach your goals.

Range of Investments Personalized to You

We use an expansive range of instruments, such as individual stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, partnership units and option contracts to construct portfolios across numerous asset classes, including U.S. and international equities across the market-capitalization spectrum, U.S. and international fixed income, real estate and precious metals. We are independent and not beholden to use the funds or instruments of a specific large firm. We use the assets that work best for your circumstances in your portfolio.

Deep Understanding of Client Needs

We manage investment portfolios for many different types of clients, including individuals and families, trusts, pension plans, corporations and non-profit organizations. We understand what works for different clients in different circumstances and at different times in their lives. Whatever your goals and whatever your risk tolerance, we constantly seek to strike that comfortable balance between risk and potential reward in your portfolio.

Transparent Investment Process

Our ongoing portfolio management is 100% transparent to you, our client. Your assets are held in accounts at Charles Schwab in your name only. You have 24/7 secure online access to your accounts at Charles Schwab, where you can view balances, holdings and transactions. We also provide you access to our proprietary and secure Orion Portal, where you can view the progress of your entire financial life in one place.

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