Sustainable Investing

Investing for a Sustainable World

Our Earth is Under Pressure

Our fragile planet home is under intense and unrelenting pressure from its 7.8 billion human inhabitants.  From climate change to pollution to overfishing to deforestation to declining biodiversity, challenges abound for our Earth.  Huge changes in the way we, the human species, live our lives are imperative if we intend to hand a livable world to our kids and grandkids a few decades from now.

Sustainable Investing: Not a Fad.

Investors have awakened to the unsettling reality that humanity is on a profoundly untenable environmental course, and a rapidly growing segment of institutions are pressuring the companies in which they are shareholders to improve their environmental stewardship.  The shift toward sustainable investing is not a fad.  It is a movement of immense proportions in the investment world that is reshaping global finance.

Capital Will Follow Sustainable Companies

Companies with high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings can raise capital on attractive terms and face lower financial and regulatory risks.  Companies with low or declining ESG ratings face higher costs of capital, significant financial and regulatory challenges and, in some cases, existential business risks.  Global investors, as a group, are keen observers of durable long-term trends, so it seems that in the future, capital is destined to flow disproportionately toward those companies that are doing their part to help the world get to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Are You Ready for a More Sustainable Investment Strategy?

We offer a range of strategies that can help you transition toward a more sustainable, earth-friendly investment portfolio.  A more diversified approach might include investing in a portfolio similar to the overall market, but with better sustainability ratings.  A more targeted and concentrated approach might be, for example, focusing investments on specific companies that are directly involved in producing clean, renewable energy.

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