Don't Save Too Much For Retirement 3

Don’t Save Too Much For Retirement [Video]

Jeff Rotherham CFP®, Orion’s Director of Financial Planning, discusses why it is possible to be too focused on saving for retirement – potentially to the detriment of living your best life. 

If you own you are self-employed or own your own business, you may be able to save build your retirement savings quickly with a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance Plan.

Read more here: Defined Benefit Plan Solutions.

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Picture of Jeff Rotherham, CFP®, MSAFP

Jeff Rotherham, CFP®, MSAFP

Jefferson Rotherham is a Certified Financial Planner® and Orion's Director of Financial Planning. Over the course of his career, Jefferson has developed and monitored hundreds of financial plans for clients in a wide range of circumstances. Prior to embarking on his career in financial planning, Jefferson served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years.

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