Investing in Africa

Our Africa investment strategy is one of the few options available in the United States that provides investors a focused, secure, transparent and cost-effective means to access the tremendous growth opportunities on the continent of Africa.

Our strategy is to invest in companies that we expect to enjoy profitable and sustainable growth in Africa. We seek opportunities across all sectors, but are particularly focused on financials, telecommunications, infrastructure and consumer goods.

Why should you consider investing in Africa?  Here are four reasons:

  • Natural Wealth
    Africa has what the world needs.  The continent is incredibly rich in minerals, energy resources and uncultivated arable land.  Foreign direct investment is surging.

  • Growth
    Africa may have the highest economic growth potential of any continent.  Growth is coming off a very low base, setting the table for what could be years or even decades of rapid economic progress.

  • Value
    African investments, broadly speaking, are cheap.

  • Low Correlation to Other Markets
    African investments may improve portfolio diversification because they tend to have low correlations to outside markets and to each other.

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