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Markets Relaxed and Enjoying the Summer

Stocks and Bonds Enjoying a Relaxing Summer Both stocks and bonds have been doing well into the summer as investors digest mostly positive second quarter earnings reports, good economic data, and a lack of market-moving bad news from the geo-political front. U.S. large-cap stocks, as measured by the S&P 500, are hovering near their all-time […]

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US Stock market update

Mid-Quarter Update: Still Waiting. . .

Both Stocks and Bonds ResilientSince the end of the first quarter on March 31, U.S. stocks have made good progress. The S&P 500 Index is 1.6% higher than on that date and is trading just a whisker off of its all-time highs as I write this. Since that time, first quarter corporate earnings have (mostly) […]

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Taxes Defined Benefit Plan

Trump’s Tax Plan: How it Increases the Allure of Defined Benefit Plans

For self-employed individuals with high income, the defined benefit plan is the gold standard of retirement plans.Defined benefit plans permit owners to sock away much more pre-tax money each year than SEP-IRAs or 401(k)s, thus providing much higher annual tax savings. Some defined benefit plan owners make tax-deductible contributions in excess of $100,000 or more […]

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market update april 2017

A Wait-and-See Market

Global equity markets had a solid first quarter, continuing the trend that started after November’s U.S. election. U.S. stocks, as measured by the S&P 500 Index, advanced 5.5% in the quarter. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index was also up 5.5%. The first quarter, from a volatility perspective, was the calmest quarter in U.S. markets since […]

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DOL Fiduciary Rule

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Why it Matters to You

While there has been no shortage of interesting headlines coming out of Washington D.C. in recent weeks, almost lost in the shuffle of everything else has been a very important tug-of-war going on that is of great importance to the investment industry and to people across the country who are trying to build their retirement […]

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President Trump and Your money

President Trump and Your Money

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, markets have given the new President the benefit of the doubt that his business-friendly policy objectives will result in both faster economic growth for the U.S. and higher corporate profits. And thus far in 2017, corporate earnings reports have given investors confidence that profits can continue […]

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